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Type of Chile

In order to “chile” like a local, you know to know your chile. Here in New Mexico, chile, its quality is a very serious topic. From the New Mexico restaurants known world wide to products you may enjoy in your home from known larger food brands, New Mexico chile flavors are present. Did I mention we’re really serious?

To get you started on your journey into the New Mexico chile here is a list many of us go by that outlines the available types in New Mexico:

Original New Mexico Varieties: 

    • ‘Anaheim M’ (8-inch pods, mild)
    • ‘Anaheim TMR 23’ (8-inch pods that are etch resistant, mild)
    •  ‘Chimayo’ (A land race from northern New Mexico with thin-walled, 2-inch pods, medium hot)
    • ‘New Mexico No. 6-4’ (The most commonly grown New Mexican variety, pods are 7-inches long, medium hot)
    • ‘NuMex Big Jim’ (Long pods, up to 12-inches, medium heat)
    • ‘NuMex R Naky’ (Pods are 5 to 7-inches long, mild)
    • ‘Sandia’ (6-inch pods, medium-hot)
    • ‘NuMex Joe E. Parker’ (Improved 6-4 variety)
    • ‘NuMex Eclipse’ (5-inch pods, mild); ‘NuMex Sunset’ (5-inch pods, mild)
    • ‘NuMex Sunrise’ (5-inch pods, mild)